Paso Doble - Africa Knows Who I Am (Album)

Artist: Paso Doble

Music Title: Africa Knows Who I Am (Album)

Production / Produced/ Label: Melomania

File Format: Mp3/Zip

Musical Genre: Afro House Music

Year: 2019

Quality: 224KBPS

Size: 104.1 MB

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01. Paso Doble & Jim MasterShine Feat. Idd Aziz - Tishiki
02. Paso Doble, Idd Aziz - Djadjalo
03. Paso Doble & Wilson Kentura - Furaha & Furaha
04. Paso Doble Feat. TroyMusiq - Africa (Main Mix)
05. Paso Doble - From The North To The South
06. Paso Doble & Loxion Deep - Amapiano
07. Paso Doble - Rooidrom
08. Paso Doble, Freddy Da Stupid, Oluhle - Bengawe
09. Paso Doble, Jim MasterShine, Idd Aziz - Tishiki (Instrumental)
10. Paso Doble Feat. TroyMusiq - Africa (Paso Doble 3.14 Mix)


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